Retention Period

Personal Data
Retention period
General information • Name, middle name, surname, nickname
• Sex
• Date of birth
• Age
• Nationality






The Company will retain your Personal Data throughout our business relationship, but not exceeding 10 (ten) years from the date our business relationship has ended.
Contact information • Email
• Telephone number
• Fax number
• Social media account
Identification and authentication details • Photocopy of the identification card or any other document with similar nature issued by a public organization
• Signature
Employment details • Employer’s details
• Professional title
Records of your products/services • Products and/or services you use
• Warranty records
• Complaints
Financial • Photocopy of bank account
• Account name
• Account number
Market research, marketing and sales information • Survey
• Information and comments for marketing surveys
Other • Communications between you and the Company regardless of forms and means, e.g. emails, chats, social network communications.
Security • Photos
• CCTV records
Not more than 1 (year) from the record date